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Indigenous Women's March & Margaridas

Willing to be a healing movement for a sick society, about 2,500 indigenous women from 130 peoples of Brazil and Latin America, joined the nearly 100,000 women who participated in the Marcha das Margaridas ("March of the Daisies") in 2019 to hold the first March of Indigenous Women. With the theme “Territory: our body, our spirit”, they claim for health and safety of their people and their territories. Marcha das Margaridas is a mobilization for the empowerment and recognition of the rights of peasant women in Latin America, a movement that promotes fundamental dialogues, amplifies their voices and highlights the great strength in each rural woman who lives exhausting journeys to care for their land. A tribute to Margarida Alves, a rural worker and union leader who was brutally murdered on August 12, 1983, in Paraíba, for defending the rights of rural workers.
Together they aim for a home with popular sovereignty, democracy, justice, equality and free from violence. 

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