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Andes Solar

Andes Solar shows excerpts from the lives of indigenous people in Cordillera de Los Andes after the arrival of solar energy, that improved quality of life, generated income, and promoted social and cultural empowerment. In the last decades hundreds of millions of people have gained access to modern energy. Yet it is estimated that about 14% of the global population has no access to any energy source. [...]



Where Beehives Thrive

Bees are disappearing. Agrochemicals, deforestation, diseases, climate change, fires and nutritional deficits are some of the numerous threats and causes of its collapse. Is there a world without bees? In Paraíba Valley, Brazil, a collective of women are working to never have to find out the answer. In lands designated for agrarian reform they plant agroforestry and raise honeybees. Amidst the mountains of the Atlantic rainforest their beehives thrive. [...]



Guardians of the Forest

Indigenous peoples carry in their culture a deep knowledge of nature in a relationship of respect and belonging. A feeling we so often contempt, belonging. And forget how fragile and dependent we are of nature. Guardians of the Forest is a life long documentation of Indigenous ethnicities in Brazil, their daily lives, culture manifestations and struggles to ensure their existence in freedom, dignity and safety. [...]



Into the Atlantic Forest

From warm sands where endangered sea turtles lay their eggs, to the cold misty mountains of the south. After five centuries of human exploitation, under a severe loss of habitat and fragmentation, the colossal bush across the coast of the South Atlantic ocean that once covered about 1.3 million km², now occupies approximately 12% of its original distribution. However, still resilient. [...]


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