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Inaê Guion is a biologist, researcher and visual storyteller whose work focuses on the intersection between nature, humans and conservation.


With over a decade experience as a research scientist, field explorer and photographer, she addresses topics on wild animals conservation, human-wildlife coexistence, traditional cultures, natural resources exploitation and climate change.

Born and based in Brazil, she graduated in Biological Sciences and achieved a master in Sciences and a doctoral in Applied Ecology. For three times Cetacean Society International granted Inaê for her work on aquatic mammals, including her PhD research. Specialized in mammals ecology and conservation, she also work as an environmental consultant for wildlife monitoring programs in tropical waters and forests.

Driven by a deep consciousness of environmental and

social justice and will to learn and explore the

natural world, she infuses her curiosity and passion for the great outdoors into her work as a researcher, combining science and visual storytelling through photography and film, hoping to bring understanding about our rapidly changing world and to instigate thought and dialogue about the future of the planet. 

Download her CV here [PDF]. 

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